Thursday, November 28, 2013

Foundations of Church Ministry - And Exploring Caves Deep in the Earth

Hello Everyone! The last two weeks have been very full and our students have been hard at work in some challenging academics. After our week of prayer came to a close we dove straight into Foundations of Church Ministry course with David Ernst. 

Here is one of the panel discussions where a few pastors from the local churches came and shared first hand
what it is like to serve in full-time church ministry. 
The class went well and the students throughout the week were putting a tone of work into their research papers for the course. There was 5 topics that they all had to chose from to write their papers on, and would do their research together in groups. They had the opportunity to present some of their findings to the class and took part in lots of discussions.

Durring the week of classes Nicole Pauls a program graduate who was helping as an faculty assistant for David Ernst set up a Skype call between this years students and some previous graduates of the program currently studying at Briercrest. It was really cool to see the dynamic from these to separate yet still connected groups of people. Although communication was a little challenging the students got to ask questions and advice from the ones who have gone before them—It w as a pretty special moment.

2014 Students on a Skype call with previous Graduates of the program

The weekend after the course a few of the students were serving in the Sr. High retreat at camp. Even though they just finished a tough week of studies there was smiles all around, and it was a huge blessing to see our students serving with full hearts.

Dayna is slowly building an impressive reputation for her dedication and consistent smiles helping to run
the camp coffee bar called the 'Coco Hut.'

Dawson helping to belay at the breath taker.

Smiles all around.

Some of the students who were not helping serve on the retreat got to try some of the fun for themselves during
a break from writing papers!

Sarah helping belay at the Qwanoes Climbing tower!
The week after the retreat the students had lots to do in their studies. They had an exam, a research paper, and a book to complete amongst other things during the week. They are right in the middle of the busiest academic time of the year and it is encouraging to see all the hard work that students are putting into their studies.

At the end of the week we took off on an adventure to the famous caves of Horne Lake. It was such a blessing to get out and enjoy such a unique aspect of God's creation. This was a new experience for most and we all found ways to push ourselves out of our comfort zones. The formations and rock surfaces in the caves are incredible and its amazing how beautiful these caves can be. While we don't have many pictures due to the water and dampness, I can assure you everyone had a great time and good memories were made.

Stephanie pauls standing on a ledge in the first cave we visited. 
A picture from Sarah R, of her with Cara and Kyla!

The students are back at another course as the atmosphere around camp definitely is gearing up for Christmas. They are currently finishing up lectures from the last course of the semester called Gospels. Its crazy to think that this season is already coming to a close! I will have more stories to share from the class room soon! 

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Mt. Albert Edward - A Look Back

I am excited to share a video highlight from one of our adventures at the beginning of the year!

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into what one of our adventures was like. The Gospels course just kicked off today with Wes Olmsted and later this week we will be sharing pictures and stories from a few retreats that have been happening!

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

WildPlay Adventure and a Week in Prayer

There has been a lot of academics and paper writing these past weeks. The students have been working hard and putting in a lots of hours studying, reading, and writing. After the students finished their papers and final exam for Old Testament Literature we spent time away from the books on another adventure. We headed out to WildPlay in Naniamo which has a fantastic high ropes course!  

It was an absolute blast! It was great for the students to get out and just hangout with each other doing something fun. The high ropes course is a set of challenging linked elements progressively getting higher up in the trees. There are zip lines, nets, swings, and every type of bridge to cross you could imagine. 

Chris and his co-counselor Nic at a Camp Qwanoes DQ invasion during Junior High Retreat.
The following day after WildPlay we kicked off another fall retreat with Junior High campers! This was a jam packed weekend where lots of the students got opportunities to counsel and lead activities.

Katherine and Cara with a few of their campers

Paul and Kyla presenting the winning "Champion" buttons!

Riley with one of his campers from the weekend.

Cara and one of the volunteer staff who came in to help with the retreat. 

The following week after Junior High retreat we kicked off our Week of Prayer! We had a room specifically set up in the lodge where prayer was occurring almost 24/7 the entire week. It was a really special time and a common theme was students wished their time in the room didn't have to come to end. There was a prayer journal, paper with art supplies and other ways the students could interact and respond with where God was leading their time in prayer.  The dedication of the students was great; waking up all hours of the night to trade off with someone in the prayer room.

Durring the Week of Prayer students had papers and books they were finishing for Foundations of Church Ministry. Associate Director of Apologetics Canada John Morrison also came in this week to teach a few workshops on how to grow as a leader. Highlighting characteristics and lifestyles of highly effective leaders and helping the students explore what it means to lead practically in their own lives.

We also had an night filled with costumes, candy, and scavenger hunts! Lots of fun times together as a group fully embracing all of our 'uniqueness'. 

Foundations of Church Ministry just came to a close and we are now looking towards another busy couple of weeks. Please keep us in your prayers here at camp, God is doing incredible things in the lives of the students, growing and shaping them as they immerse themselves in scripture and academics, and community!

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Friday, November 8, 2013

Old Testament Video - Brought to you by the students of 2014!

Well we teased you about it last week, and here it is. This years Old Testament video put together by the hard work of the students. You can see pictures of the screening and a word from your directors in the previous post. Enjoy!

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