Saturday, April 5, 2014

Studies in Christian Worldview - Modernity and Postmodernity

The students just finished their last weeks of lectures closing off two of their courses from this year! They still have a few assignments left to complete, but most of the academic portion of the year is coming to a close. They finished off Camp and Youth Ministry this week, which I will tell you more about soon, but today one of the students Kyla Guneyler is going to share about the course they had just taken lectures for the week before. 

A few of the books on they read for this course.

This class is in a way hard to explain what it was about because we covered so many things. However I really enjoyed how Professor Grant dug into the history of modern thought and went through explaining the enlightenment and how our culture got to the state of our thinking today.

We looked at how our culture has transitioned connecting the main influential people in the movement and the big thinkers of different generations.The overall subject matter covered a lot with the enlightenment and the movements of modernity and postmodernity.

Grant was a really inspirational as a teacher, he has been working so hard on his goals and now is in a place to teach for years to come— he is the youngest professor we have had this year and it was cool to see his passion. 

I think it’s interesting to see how other people perceive human desires, human processes and where they come from in regards to how it relates to everyday life

It’s important to know what culture you are in so you can live in the world, but not be of it. If you don't know anything about it how can you relate to the people around you in life that don't believe the same things?

From this class I have learned something that I will remember for the rest of my life—Things are not always the same as face value and there is so much more than just ‘surface level’ behind thoughts and actions, there is always something that is rooted beyond that, and so much more underneath the surface.


Students have been making the most out of some of the rainy weather we have been having!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us this week Kyla! I look forward to filling you all in with more stories next week.

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